Special Databases

This page lists MatCalc databases, which are free to use for private, scientific and commercial application. For details on typical applications and suggested application ranges, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thermodynamic databases 

Database Release Date Description
mc_almgsi.tdb 1.002 2013-02-25 Al-Mg-Si database for simulations in AA6016 alloy.
mc_fcm.tdb 1.002 2013-10-22 Fe-Co-Mo-Si database for simulation of carbon-free precipitation-hardened tool steels.
mc_sample_mg.tdb 0.004   Mg-Al-Mn-Si-Zn database for computations in Mg-base alloys of the AZ series.
mc_sample_ti.tdb 1.002 2013-02-11 Ti-Al-Mo-Nb database for computations in Ti-base alloys and Ti-Aluminides.
Shape-memory-alloys, mc_sma.tdb 1.000 2012-11-28 Ni, Ti. B2-parent matrix phase, martensitic B19' and metastable precipitate phases are included.

Diffusion mobility databases

Database Release Date Description
mc_almgsi.ddb 1.005 2012-08-02 Al-Mg-Si database for simulations in AA6016 alloy