Following programs, tools and files are used by the MatCalc Team.

Utility Description
Syntax Highlighting (1.00) MatCalc Syntax file (.syn), compatible with TextPad (see below). Provides highlighting for commands, comments and other events.
TextPad Multi-functional text editor by Helios Software Solutions. Read this howto to configure the highlighting function correctly.
Distribution of size classes Distribution of precipitate size classes shown in an Excel file
Inkscape Open source scalable vector graphics editor. Used to modify plots or create new ones. Software, Tutorial and working examples can be found on the given page.
GNU Plot Open source command line driven graphing utility. Powerful for plotting X/Y or X/Y/Z plots. Software and documentation can be found on the given page.
GNU Plot Tutorial Comprehensive tutorial for GNU Plot by Dr. T. Kawano.
Veusz Free scientific plotting and graphing program with GUI designed to produce publication-ready 2D- and 3D-plots.  
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Miscellaneous Description
H-trapping in steel Nice movie by Peter Lang (2014)
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