What is MatCalc?

MatCalc is an ongoing project. A project that was initiated in 1993, with a PhD thesis adressing the simulation of precipitation kinetics in steel. In many years, it has evolved into a software project for computer simulation of phase transformations in metallic systems. The topics covered by the MatCalc project include 

  • constrained and unconstrained phase equilibria
  • precipitation kinetics
  • long-range diffusion
  • simultaneous diffusion and precipitation
  • phase transformations / moving phase boundaries
  • lattice Metropolis and kinetic Monte Carlo

The thermodynamic foundation of MatCalc is the CALPHAD method and (unencrypted) CALPHAD-type databases. The kinetic modules of MatCalc are developed within the framework of solid-state phase transformations, with particular focus on computational efficiency and applicability to multi-component systems. 

Note: Do not mix up the thermo-kinetic software project MatCalc with the German company named 'MATcalc'. We are a scientific software project, recognizable and distinguishable by the writing of 'atC' ...

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