MatCalc features


MatCalc is a software package for computer simulation of phase transformation and microstructure evolution in metallic systems. The project of the software MatCalc was started in 1993 by Ernst Kozeschnik in the University of Graz. Development of MatCalc software is an ongoing and never ending project, which continues in the Vienna University of Technology. MatCalc is aimed at supporting you in the fields of materials development, simulation and optimization of materials processing and analysis and interpretation of metallurgical problems. MatCalc is already successfully utilized in teaching and research and it is used likewise by academia, research organizations and industry.

Since 2015, MatCalc Engineering GmbH is the Vienna University of Technology exclusive license agent for the MatCalc software package. It also handles all customer relations, user support, as well as training and workshop organization.



  • Constrained and unconstrained phase equilibria
  • Precipitation kinetics
  • Long-range diffusion
  • Simultaneous diffusion and precipitation
  • Lattice Metropolis and kinetic Monte Carlo
  • Microsegregation and primary precipitate formation
  • Microstructure evolution (dislocation density, grain size, …)
  • Excess vacancies and vacancy trapping
  • Dynamic and static yield strength modeling
  • Thermophysical properties (density, thermal expansion …

Typical applications:

  • Heat treatments for precipitation engineering
  • Thermo-mechanical processing
  • Through-process metallurgical simulation
  • Microstructural stability prediction
  • State parameter-based flow curve modeling

Platforms and interfaces:

  • Windows, MacOS and Linux with 32- and 64-bit support.
  • State-of-the-art GUI and command-line version.
  • Libraries with powerful API for incorporation of MatCalc into your own code.
  • Advanced scripting capability.
  • Data export/import functionality.


MatCalc 6

MatCalc, the Materials Calculator, is a state-of-the-art software toolbox for computational materials engineering. MatCalc 6 models the whole materials design and fabrication process, covering the three main areas of multicomponent thermodynamics, precipitation kinetics and microstructural evolution.