Workshop 2012

The workshop and user meeting is aimed at bringing together MatCalc users for discussion of problems and exchange of ideas. During the two days, experienced MatCalc trainers are available to provide tips and tricks as well as worked examples. The participants are asked to provide short presentations of their experience / solutions / problems, which will serve as starting points for deeper discussion. This workshop is particularly valuable for users with a certain degree of experience, since the problems discussed will require basic skills in the use of the software as well as understanding of problems in thermodynamics and kinetics. It is likely to be of limited value for MatCalc newbies. The MatCalc workshop and user meeting is held at a time when Vienna exhibits lots of very nice Christmas markets. We are going to visit one of them in the evening ...

The fifth MatCalc workshop took place Dec 13. & 14. 2012 in Vienna. The new features of MatCalc (including the models for the dislocation density and grain size evolution, the treatment of the material deformation, analysis of the strengthening mechanisms) were used to bring more insight into the problems presented by the participants. The group which attented this workshop consisted of 10 people, from university and industry, plus Ernst who was the supervisor. See the list below for further details.

Evgeniya LKR Ranshofen
Atilim RWTH Aachen
Charles Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH
Florent Vallourec Research Aulnoye
Joachim Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH
Jozef Benteler Tube Management GmbH
Mustafa Georgsmarienhütte GmbH
Niko Benteler Tube Management GmbH
Patrick RWTH Aachen
Sergey RWTH Aachen

Foto gallery ...

w2012_foto1_small w2012_foto2_small
Let's solve the problems from the list! Sergey and Patrick enjoying the computation...
w2012_foto3_small w2012_foto4_small
Atilim and Mustafa thinking on the solution... Jozef and Niko are somewhat puzzled about the result...
w2012_foto5_small w2012_foto6_small
... while Florent, Joachim and Charles are done and happy! So, where will we go in the evening?
w2012_foto7_small w2012_foto8_small
Christmas market at Karlsplatz is an excellent choice! Plastic deformation? Work hardening? We can model that!
w2012_foto9_small w2012_foto10_small
Sergey and Jozef are enjoying the traditional punsch Evgeniya, Sergey and Patrick testing the black mugs
w2012_foto11_small w2012_foto12_small
Niko and Charles found the punsch in red mugs to be the best! "... and this here is the snapshot of the MatCalc app..."
w2012_foto13_small w2011_foto14_small
"... so the precipitates we've observed were of that size..." Passing by Hofburg (the imperial palace)...
w2012_foto15_small w2012_foto16_small
...we have reached "Brezl Gwölb". Let's check the menu! Everyone has already chosen. Does Niko take 2 dishes?
w2012_foto17_small w2012_foto18_small
Mustafa and Florent seem to have had enough. Evgeniya and Dagmar - this was the fairest table corner!
w2012_foto19_small w2012_foto20_small
Ernst and Charles - having just a small talk? Well... They must have agreed on the new MatCalc license!