Workshop 2009

The workshop and user meeting is aimed at bringing together MatCalc users for discussion of problems and exchange of ideas. During the two days, experienced MatCalc trainers are available to provide tips and tricks as well as worked examples. The participants are asked to provide short presentations of their experience / solutions / problems, which will serve as starting points for deeper discussion. This workshop is particularly valuable for users with a certain degree of experience, since the problems discussed will require basic skills in the use of the software as well as understanding of problems in thermodynamics and kinetics. It is likely to be of limited value for MatCalc newbies. The MatCalc workshop and user meeting is held at a time when Vienna exhibits lots of very nice Christmas markets. We are going to visit one of them in the evening ...

The second MatCalc workshop took place Dec 10. & 11. 2009 in Vienna. The group which attented this workshop consisted of 8 people, from university and industry, plus Ernst who was the supervisor. See the list below for further details.

Peter TU Wien
Manuel TU Wien
Piotr TU Wien
Angela LKR Ranshofen
Peter LKR Ranshofen
Werner LKR Ranshofen
Kristian TU Denmark, Lyngby
Sergey RWTH Aachen

Foto gallery ...

IMG_small_0004 IMG_1704_small
Everybody is getting ready ... ... and can't wait to arrive ...
IMG_1695_small IMG_1693_small
... at the Spittelberg Christkindlmarkt. Sergey and Dagmar are enjoying a warming Punsch in the cold.
IMG_1700_small IMG_1705_small
Mint and Lime? Not the 'typical' Punsch ... ... but it seems to taste great :-)
IMG_1696_small IMG_1703_small
Everyone discussing on MatCalc? Or the menu?
IMG_1702_small IMG_1701_small
Whatever it is ... ... Peter and Angela seem to be tired of discussing.
Peter is not! He apparently enjoys the evening...