Training 2014

This year's MatCalc course 'Thermodynamic and kinetic simulations with MatCalc' was held from Aug. 5-8 2014 at the Vienna University of Technology with 16 participants from both academia and industry.


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Training 2014: "Thermodynamic and kinetic simulations with MatCalc"


Tuesday (10:00 - 17:00)

- Welcome

- Introduction in MatCalc: GUI and first steps

- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ...

- Practical training: How to create a workspace, simple equilibrium calculations, stepped calculations ...

- Practical training: Graphical representation of results, data export, ...

Wednesday (9:00 - 17:00)

- Scheil-Gulliver type calculations (theory and practice)

- T0- temperature (theory and practice)

- Using scripts in MatCalc (examples)

- Theory: Phase transformation and precipitation: Comparison of popular models (KJMA, parabolic growth, DICTRA, ...)

- Practice: How to set up precipitation kinetics simulations

- Theory: Introduction to the SFFK Model

Thursday (10:00 - 18:00)

- Theory: Nucleation theory and implementation into MatCalc

- Practice: Changing nucleation conditions: Ortho- / paraequilibrium nucleus composition, nucleation sites, etc.

- Practice: Simulation of heat treatments

- Theory: Treatment of interfacial energies.

- Theory and practice: Grain boundary precipitation versus random distribution: the importance of the correct diffusion field geometry

- Examples

Friday (8:30 - 14:30)

- Calculation of TTP-diagrams (theory and example)

- Discussion / analysis of practical examples of users

Foto gallery ...

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Once again, we met in our course room... ...where Rainer (right, standing) supervised the hardware.
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As usual, Ernst was happy to supervise everything else. Johannes is ready for the exercises
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Arianna brought us a huge load of smile from Italy... ...and got an immediate support from Mamta.
p7.JPG p8.JPG
Johan clicking through his way to the solution Baptiste remains sceptic about the result
p9.JPG p10.JPG
Nobuyoshi seems confused... ... but Salar is satisfied with the outcome.
p11.JPG p12.JPG
Can you guess what Yoshiharu is thinking about? Christoph is proud about his performance
p13.JPG p14.JPG
Hongcai is done with his calculation Jayaram is apparently in the good mood
p15.JPG p16.JPG
Bernadette is delighted with the obtained curves Sabine is dreaming about the course certificate
p17.JPG p18.JPG
Lin is focused on solving the problem... ... and Alice is studying the documentation
p19.JPG p20.JPG
At evening, we ate the dinner at Otto Wagner Schützenhaus Alice has found something delicious, hasn't she?
p21.JPG p22.JPG
Rainer is still taking his choice, Georg (right) enjoys the view '... and then a big paw out of the river grasped at my beer...'
p23.JPG p24.JPG
The moonlight illuminated the banks of Donaukanal... ...and the lights on the Ringturm tip predicted a good weather
p23.JPG p24.JPG
Later on, discussions continued. As Matthias served the wine... ...all stresses got dissipated at the maximum rate possible.