Training 2009


This year's MatCalc course 'Thermodynamic and kinetic simulations with MatCalc' was held from Aug. 11-14 2008 at the Vienna University of Technology with 14 participants from both academia and industry.


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Time schedule of the this year's MatCalc training course:

Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009; 9:30 to 17:30

- Welcome, History, field of application …

- Introduction to MatCalc: GUI and first steps/calculations


- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ...

- Practical training: How to create a workspace, simple equilibrium calculations


- Practical training: Stepped calculations, graphical representation of results, data export


- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ... (continued)

- Practical training: Calculation of Phase boundaries (‘How to find …’), Calculation and plotting of Fe-C phase diagram

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2009; 9:00 to 17:00

- Scheil-Gulliver simulation, microsegregation and relevance for kinetic simulations (theory and practice).


- T0- temperature (theory and practice)


- Performing a first precipitation simulation in the GUI (cementite in ferrite)


- Simulation of a precipitate size distribution

- Introduction to console commands

Thursday, Aug 13, 2009; 9:00 to 17:00

- Practical training: Changing nucleation conditions: Ortho- / paraequilibrium nucleus composition, nucleation sites, etc.

- Practical training: Evaluation of driving forces for precipitates

- Practical training: Influence of matrix parameters


- Theory: Phase transformation and precipitation in the MatCalc framework: SFFK model

- Theory: Introduction to the SFFK Model: evolution equations


- Practical training: Writing a script for precipitation simulation


- Practical training: Heat treament simulation: Precipitation of NbC in steel

Friday, Aug 14, 2008; 9:00 to 15:00

- Practical training: Precipitation in Al-Mg-Si alloys. Strategies for optimizing the modelling parameters


- Theory: Nucleation theory, treatment of interfacial energies


- Discussion / analysis of practical examples of users




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The lecture room has not changed from last year ... ... the participant's motivation has neither, ...
IMG_5411 IMG_5404
... nor has Ernst. Personal assistance was assured
IMG_5424 IMG_5409
Discussion during the coffe break. Jozef and Erwin in thinking pose.
IMG_5408 IMG_5406
Philippe seems to be happy with the result ... ... while Peter and Charles are still working on their problems.
IMG_5405 IMG_5433
Markus and Sergey, having a hard day. Angela and Werner, more relaxed.
IMG_5403m IMG_5434
Alfred focused on the simulation. Peter, Joel and Omar, having fun.
IMG_5384 IMG_5380
Picture during the social evening on Wednesday. Erwin and Peter, in the Winds of Alte Donau.
IMG_5378 IMG_5386
Prost, Peter! ... und Mahlzeit!
IMG_5387 IMG_5382
Omar and Ernst seemed surprised ... ... to see the Viennese Baywatch on patrol ...
IMG_5395 IMG_5399
After dusk, the moods got even better. You can see it in Piotr's mimics.