Training 2008


This year's MatCalc course 'Thermodynamic and kinetic simulations with MatCalc' was held from Aug. 5-8 2008 at the Vienna University of Technology. A group of 21 people from Italy, Germany, Romania, Iran, Pakistan, India, Netherlands, Poland and Austria have been participating.


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Time scedule of the this year's MatCalc training course:

Tuesday, Aug 5, 2008; 9:00 to 17:00

- Welcome, History, field of application …

- Introduction to MatCalc: GUI and first steps/calculations

- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ...


- Practical training: How to create a workspace, simple equilibrium calculations



- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ... (continued)

- Practical training: Stepped calculations, graphical representation of results, data export


- Theory: thermodynamic equilibrium, driving forces, databases, ... (continued)

- Practical training: Calculation of Phase boundaries (‘How to find …’)

Wednesday, Aug 6, 2008; 9:00 to 17:00

- Scheil-Gulliver simulation, microsegregation and relevance for kinetic simulations.

- T0- temperature (theory and practice)


- Theory: Ortho- and paraequilibrium

- Practical training: Calculation of Phase diagrams (Fe-C)


- Theory: Phase transformation and precipitation in the MatCalc framework: SFFK model

- Theory: Introduction to the SFFK Model: evolution equations

- Performing a first precipitation simulation in the GUI

Thursday, Aug 7, 2008; 9:00 to 17:00

- Practice: How to set up precipitation kinetics simulations (precipitation of cementite in ferrite)


- Practice: precipitation kinetics settings and precipitation domains

- Practice: Changing nucleation conditions: Ortho- / paraequilibrium nucleus composition, nucleation sites, etc.


- Using scripts in MatCalc (precipitation of cementite in ferrite)

Friday, Aug 8, 2008; 9:00 to 15:00

- Theory: Nucleation theory and implementation into MatCalc
- Discussion of an example (scripts) to simulate a complex heat treatment using the MatCalc heat treatment features


- Theory: treatment of interfacial energies
- Calculation of TTP-diagrams (theory and example)


- Calculation of TTP-diagrams (theory and example)
- Discussion / analysis of practical examples of users

Foto gallery ...

IMG_4304 IMG_4305
In the lecture room ... ... working concentrated
IMG_4309 IMG_4317
Ahmad, always smiling. Bernd with a grin :-)
IMG_4322 IMG_4325
Manuel, checking. Sharoz, sceptic.
IMG_4326 IMG_4327
Piotr assisting Farhan. Ernst teaching ...
IMG_4331 IMG_4333
... and assisting Sabine. Sometimes, others are assisting: Jakob and Cecilia.
P1040857 P1040861
View of the teaching room. Ernst in the MatCalc spot light.
IMG_4292 IMG_4294
Evening project: discussing the days lectures :-) in a traditional Viennese Restaurant.
IMG_4295 IMG_4295_small
Its name is 'Golden Bell' (find it in the background) Susanne and Mario.
IMG_4298 IMG_4301
Ahmad and Farhan. Still discussing and ...
... discussing ...