Training 2018 Advanced

This year's MatCalc course 'MatCalc Advanced Microstructure Simulations' was held from Aug. 21-23, 2018 at TU Wien with 13 participants from both academia and industry.


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Training 2018: "MatCalc Advanced Microstructure Simulations"


Tuesday (10:00 - 17:00)

- Welcome

- Grain growth models: Single-class and Multi-class models

- Interaction of precipitate kinetics with grain growth: Solute drag, Zener pinning

- Dislocation density evolution models

- Interaction of precipitation kinetics with dislocation density evolution – strain induced precipitates

Wednesday (9:00 - 17:00)

- Subgrain growth model: dynamic & static recovery

- Recrystallization model (combined with single- & multi-class grain growth)

- Vacancy dynamics: Quenched-in vacancies, Vacancy trapping

- Flow curve modeling: Evaluation of mechanical threshold and plastic stress

Thursday (9:00 - 14:00)

- Examples: Thermomechanical treatment simulations


Foto gallery ...

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Manuel seems to like microstructure kinetics simulations Georg is also happy with the results
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Martin follows MatCalc operations on the big screen  Is Bernhard convinced with the outcome?
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Pascal estimates recrystallized fraction Viktor has now a new idea, doesn't he?
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Sanjeev contemplates grain growth Daniela and Andreas enjoy the lecture
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Christian and Harini on the design of new treatment Marco watches increasing dislocation density
p11.JPG p12.JPG
Bernhard observes the amount of trapped solutes Philipp giving a speedy support
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Ordering something for a dinner at Zattl... ... where our company spent the social evening
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At last, some relaxing moments for the hosts!  "...I tell you, these simulations are sooooo amazing..."
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Volunteers participated in private coaching... ...held afterwards by Ernst at Bierhof