Silent installation

To deploy MatCalc 6 on multiple workstations, one can use the GUI installation package in conjunction with a provided installation script and command line parameterisation.

Note: Under Windows, the GUI can not be deactivated, but the installation can proceed without user input if the steps outlined below are followed.


To install MatCalc silently, the following steps must be followed:

* Download the .tar.gz-Installation-Archive from
* Open a command line window (f.e. xterm, gterm, konsole, ...)
* Extract the .tar.gz-File into a temporary directory, f.e. /tmp

To use the standard installation parameters, simply run

* Run the installer: ./MatCalc\ 6\ Installer --platform minimal --script silent.js

The standard installation directory is $HOME/MatCalc\ 6. To provide a different installation directory set the variable "TargetDir" to a valid directory, f.e. "/tmp/MC6":

./MatCalc\ 6\ Installer --platform minimal --script silent.js TargetDir=/tmp/MC6

Note: The installer may print the error message
"Unknown option: platform"

this is a known Qt bug that can be safely ignored. If the installer instead prints

This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "minmal"

then your system does not support headless installations. In that case, run the installer with

./MatCalc\ 6\ Installer --script silent.js TargetDir=/tmp/MC6

The installer will open the GUI, but the installation will not require any user input and will exit once finished.


To install MatCalc silently

* Download the installation package for your system (32 or 64 bit) from
* Open the folder where the downloaded file resides
* Right-click and hold the installation file and drag it to an empty spot on the Desktop
* Click "Create shortcut here" ("Verknüpfung hier erstellen")
* Right-click the new shortcut and select "Properties" ("Eigenschaften")
* Append "--script silent.js" to the value in "Target" (Ziel). Take care NOT TO DELETE the value that's already in that field
* Double-click the shortcut

If you need to install MatCalc to another directory than the default directory (C:\Program Files\MatCalc 6), follow the steps as before, but

* Append "--script silent.js TargetDir=C:/DIRECTORY" to the value in "Target"

instead. MatCalc will be installed into the chosen (or default) directory and the installer will exit on its own.

Note: DO NOT USE BACKSLASH to separate directories. Qt does not support backslash as a directory separator. Instead, use "/". For example, to install MatCalc 6 in C:\MatCalc\MatCalc 6, you have to write

TargetDir=C:/MatCalc/MatCalc\ 6

Spaces and other special characters in your installation path have to be escaped with "\" (i.e. "\ 6" for space followed by "6").