TextPad HowTo


Perform the following, easy steps to configure TextPad correctly for Syntax Highlighting

  1. Download and install TextPad
  2. Download the .syn file (right-click - save as) and save it into the /TextPad/Samples/... folder
  3. Start TextPad, press "Configure", and "Preferences"
  4. Open "Document Classes" section
  5. Create new defined class and name it "MatCalc" and press apply. Note: It is only possible to create a new class, if no document is opened. Go ahead an close all active documents, if you cannot create a new class.
  6. Open the "MatCalc" subsection on the left side and attach "*.mcs" to the class
  7. Apply again.
  8. Expand the MatCalc section on the left side.
  9. Choose "Syntax". Check the "Enable syntax highlighting" box, and choose the downloaded MatCalc.syn as the syntax file.
  10. Add following characters to the "Other characters in words:" dialog: $_#*-°
  11. Press OK.
  12. Navigate back to the MatCalc section of the Document Classes, and select 'Colors'. Choose a red foreground color for Keywords 3 (Loops & Conditions), and a light green one for Keywords 4 (@).
  13. TextPad has been configured correctly to highlight MatCalc commands. Try it out now :-)