MatCalc 5.60

The following new features are implemented in MatCalc versions 5.60.nnnn:

  • A first model for a treatment of static recrystallization is now implemented.
  • The precipitation domain dialog has been restructured to reflect the latest progress in microstructure modeling.
  • The phase status dialog has been restructured in the nucleation and nucleation sites tab. Only aestethic changes.
  • Introduced new variables for dislocation densities. MatCalc now distinguishes mobile, immobile and wall dislocations. Needed for advanced substructure evolution modeling.
  • Several script commands for the precipitation domain settings with SET_PRECIPITATION_PARAMETER have been modified. This was necessary due to the restructured precipitation domain dialog.
  • You can preview already some of the features of the future release of MatCalc 6.0 by starting MatCalc with the command line argument ”/6.0”.
  • The treatment of default values is improved by introduction of a file “user_defaults.txt” in addition to the file “defaults.txt” in the path_to_matcalc/preset directory. The former file overwrites values of default.txt without being overwritten itself at the next MatCalc installation procedure.
  • The values for diffusion ratio in dislocations and grain boundaries have been reassessed for interstitial components because these values have been overestimated significantly in previous versions (see file: defaults.txt).
  • Several improvements and new features in the manipulation of plots. Context-sensitive clicking in the plot and synchronization of the options window.
  • New features in plots, such as synchronizing of zoom actions or fonts to display axes labels etc. in user-defined style and size.
  • Implemented latest version of the precipitation strengthening model of Ahmadi et al. Several minor improvements. Added limited support for non-spherical precipitates.
  • Added direct support for solid solution strengthening.
  • When opening a new workspace, either through the menu or using Drag&Drop, the user is asked whether the workspace should be opened in a new instance of MatCalc. This feature is particularly useful on the Mac platform.
  • Added 'ignore reset precipitates on initialize' in special tab of the phase status dialog for kinetic calculations. This feature is very useful when importing size distributions, for instance, for primary precipitates. See 'special' tab in phase status dialog.
  • The EXPORT_OPEN_FILE command will now open the export file in append mode. This is important if you want to add buffer data to existing data stored in a file. If you want to mimic the previous behavior, use EXPORT_CLEAR_FILE command to make sure that the file is empty.

Below are details describing the various changes and new features of the MatCalc versions 5.60.xxxx.

version 5.60.1003: released 2014-03-14

  • Fixed problem when starting mcc on Windows.
  • Removed equilibrium treatment of interstitials on dislocations. Now using trap partition table instead. It is still work in progress and should not yet be used.
  • Use current temperature in stepped calculation with element content.
  • Fixed a bug when using constrained equilibrium in nucleus composition setting for precipitates.
  • Added variable for subgrain boundary strengthening (TSGS$prec_domain_name);
  • Elements with mass < 11 are now treated as interstitials, too

version 5.60.1001: released 2014-02-18

  • Fixed bugs in treatment of structural vacancies. Improved interaction between structural vacancies and SFK-traps.
  • Introduced new variables (YT_L_SFK$prec_domain$element) for lattice concentration of vacancies and (YT_TK_SFK$prec_domain$element$trap_site) for concentration at specific traps. This feature is important for a correct treatment of vacancy trapping in Al-alloys.
  • Introduced and added several variables related to the new recrystallization feature. This feature is not yet completed and users are asked to use it with care. A full treatment of rexx is planned for future releases.
  • Fixed bug when reading thermodynamic data of phases with ordered CALPHAD description.
  • The frame scripts for user-defined windows will now use the kinetic alias name in the plots related to precipitation kinetics.
  • Improved numerical stability in some cases of precipitation kinetics simulation. Added a few new variables to control convergence.
  • User-defined frame scripts are now ignored in the recent files list.
  • Fixed problem in command line control of the Scheil simulation.
  • Diffusion enhancement at grain boundaries is now ignored for calculation of the atomic attachment rate.
  • Made some modifications in the phase status dialog.
  • Added elementary charge (CE) as new constant.
  • Trap coordination number in SFK traps is now a function.
  • Fixed Drag&Drop problems on Mac.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of the vacancy diffusion coefficient. Missed the equilibrium vacancy concentration in calculation of this parameter.
  • Added feature that zooming with multiple plot windows is synchronized if the 'use default x-axis for all plots' feature is activated.
  • Implemented an 'auto' functionality for the number of plot columns.
  • Fixed problem with redrawing of plot frames.
  • Improved treatment of user-defined function drawing in plots.
  • Added “New series …” to RMB menu of plot frames.
  • If the global composition is modified in a post/pre segment script, the composition of the precipitation domain is now correctly updated.
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