MatCalc 5.44

The following changes have appeared in MatCalc versions 5.44.nnnn:

version 5.44.1012: released 2012-02-08

  • fixed a calculation bug that was introduced in version 5.44.1011. In complex calculations, the results are now consistent again with previous MatCalc versions.

version 5.44.1011: released 2012-01-31

  • fixed a few bugs from version 5.44.1002.
  • modified command codes for some features:
    • '(e)lastic modulus' changed into 'Young's mo(d)ulus'.
    • 'nucleation s(i)te saturation' moved from '(n)ucleation' to '(s)pecial' tab.
    • 'inactive (r)adius factor' from '(n)ucleation' tab has been removed and is now called if (y)es is selected for 'nucleation s(i)te saturation'.
  • implemented command APPEND_STATE_TO_BUFFER to manually append the current state into the active calculation buffer. Useful when programming loops to make stepped calculations within scripts.
  • implemented API function GetChemicalPotentialInPhase().
  • fixed bug in 'variables & functions' dialog.
  • fixed severe numerical instability in equilibrium calculation in Linux version.

version 5.44.1002: released 2011-12-15

  • individual plot series can now be removed with the DEL key.
  • several improvements in GUI handling of tables and arrays.
  • string variables can now also be used with operators.
  • fixed a bug when loading files with invalid filenames.
  • added error message if enabling log file or changing working directory fails.
  • fixed bug that caused a crash when deleting plots with the rmb context menu.
  • fixed bug involving the RAND variable.

version 5.44.0020: beta (from 2011-11-04)

  • Implemented the command-line functionality for editing plot curve properties. You can now use the command set-plot-option . s e * l h 3 to set the thickness of all lines 3 point. Don't forget to tell the plot curves not to use the default styles with the command set-plot-option . s e * d n before!
  • Added a 'Read & close' button to the database dialog. Instead of pressing 'Read' and 'Close' separately, you can perform this with one click.
  • The selection of databases with the drop-down list in the database dialog now automatically loads the corresponding database. No need to press 'Open' any more.
  • fixed a few other bugs in the database dialog and the script highlighter.

version 5.44.0017: beta (from 2011-10-29)

  • The free version of MatCalc has got a feature for testing the software in higher-order systems than three-component. Various databases have been created with subsets of the full databases. These can be used with a validation string that is coded in the database. Although the user does not have any restrictions in the use of the example databases, it is not possible to save and load workspaces in free mode.
  • Implemented new treatment of major constituents: In equilibrium calculations, you can set the 'enforce major constituents' flag in the phase status dialog. For phases having this setting, MatCalc will always make sure that the major constituents of the equilibrium phase are consistent with the major constituents settings. If inconsistency is observed, MatCalc will recalculate equilbirium starting with the correct major constituents as starting values. This procedure is repeated 5 times. If inconsistent major constituents are then still found, the phase is marked with '*maj*' in the phase details and phase summary.
  • Implemented new treatment of major constituents: In kinetic simulations, you can check the option to 'nucleate phase only with valid major constituents'. If inconsistent major constituents are found in the nucleus composition (the parent phase of the precipitate), the nucleation rate is set to zero. This feature is very useful in combination with the 'enforce major constituents' flag of the parent (equilibrium) phase.
  • Implemented treatment of anti-phase boundary energies for strength calculations. Treatment is based on Brown and Ham model.
  • In scripts, you can use the '$$' symbol to embrace comments that go over more than one line. Useful also to comment out entire blocks of script code.
  • Fixed problem with edit_parameter and diffusion.
  • Added some internal parameters to allow checking of MatCalc states. These are: is_td_database_open, is_td_database_read, is_diff_database_read and is_phys_database_read.
  • New user-defined script for plot window with log scaling of y-axis.
  • The default values for StepStart and StepStop are now handled in a system-dependent way (other values for Al compared to Fe-based system).
  • Nucleation is now also possible on subgrain boundary edges and corners.
  • Clemm-Fisher model for grain boundary nucleation is now also implemented for subgrain boundaries.
  • Removed two obsolete parameters from nucleation page of phase status dialog (incubation time model and atomic attachment rate model).
  • Implemented GUI handling of arrays.
  • Improved automatic updates of plots during calculations. Graphs are now displayed 'smooth' during simulations.
  • Fixed several bugs in the core module as well as with windows handling and plotting.
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