MatCalc 5.21

See the changes which happened with version 5.21 below

version 5.21 (release 1): online 2007-10-02

  • The two sample databases ('mc_sample_fe.tdb', 'mc_sample_fe.ddb') have been revised. The version number of both databases is now 1.02. A few typing errors in the thermodynamic database have been corrected. In the diffusion database, some of the parameters have been replaced by the assessment of Friedberg et al. (J. Friedberg, L.-E. Törndahl and M. Hillert, Diffusion in Iron, Jernkontorets Ann., Vol 153, 263-276, 1969). These data give much more consistent results compared to the individually assessed parameters in version 1.01.
  • A new variable has been introduced (PD_ATOMS) to display the number of atoms in a precipitate (variable can be found in the 'precipitate distribution' category).
  • The 'automatic' value for the interfacial energy is now computed using a new value for the structural factor and taking into account the magnetic contribution. By this, the predicted value for the chemical part of the interfacial energy changes to 20-50% higher values compared to the previous values from version 5.20.6. If you want the same behaviour for your precipitation simulations in the new version 5.21.1, you can enter the expression 'CIE$@*0.75' for the interfacial energy. This will be identical to the previous calculation in terms of the structural factor. If you want to modify the settings for the magnetic contribution, you can do so in the phase status settings.
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