MatCalc 5.20

See the changes which happened with version 5.20 below

version 5.20 (release 6): online 2007-09-07

  • This version contains a new thermodynamic and diffusion sample database ('mc_sample_fe.tdb', 'mc_sample_fe.ddb') . The parameters of these databases have been collected from available literature data in the course of a summer project. If you find errors or if you know improvements of the data contained in these databases, please let me know and I will incorporate them.
  • The previous IWS_steel databases are no longer available.

snapshot/preview version 5.20 (release 2): online 2007-05-29

  • This version contains a major upgrade in the microstructure simulation module. It is now possible to carry out multi-component diffusion simulations on a spatial arrangement of cells. Currently, this functionality is only accessible via the MatCalc console. Below are simulation results for Larry Darken's famous uphill diffusion experiment from 1949 [L. S. Darken: “Diffusion of carbon in austenite with a discontinuity in composition”, Trans. AIME, 180, (1949) 430-438].

 Darken's uphill diffusion experiment

You can download the script for simulation of the famous Darken experiment.

  • It is also possible now, to perform simulations with simultaneous diffusion and precipitation using the simplifying assumption that, in each cell, the precipitate phases and the matrix are in local equilibrium. This type of simulations has already been possible in (much!) earlier versions of MatCalc (see ref. [ E. Kozeschnik, P. Pölt, S. Brett and B. Buchmayr: „Dissimilar 2.25Cr-9Cr and 2Cr-0.5CrMoV steel welds: I. Characterisation of the weld zone and numerical simulation“, Sci. Techn. Weld. Join., 2002 , 7 (2), 63-68]). It has now been re-implemented in advanced form. A very simple example for this type of simulation for a dissimilar weld is given below.

 Simulation for simultaneous diffusion and precipitation in dispersed systems

You can download the script for simulation of simultaneous diffusion and precipitation in dispersed systems.

  • The command CREATE_PRECIPITATE_DOMAIN has been renamed to CREATE_PRECIPITATION_DOMAIN for better consistency.
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