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MatCalc is a scientific software toolbox for computer simulation of

  • constrained and unconstrained phase equilibria
  • multi-component and multi-phase precipitation kinetics
  • efficient single-class microstructure evolution of grain growth, recovery and static recrystallization
  • multi-class static and dynamic recrystallization with full coupling to precipitation kinetics
  • state parameter-based stress-strain curve modeling accounting for numerous strengthening mechanisms
  • 1D and 2D long-range diffusion simulation
  • simultaneous long-range diffusion and precipitation
  • phase transformations / moving phase boundaries (in development)
  • lattice Metropolis and kinetic Monte Carlo

Thermodynamic foundation is the CALPHAD method and CALPHAD-type databases. For more information on the simulation models, please consult the documentation of the corresponding modules. Freely available databases for Al-, Fe- and Ni-based systems are available with the software installation as well as the database section of the MatCalc web site.


The kinetics of phase transformations are controlled by distinct physical mechanisms. We want to identify and understand the relevant processes, describe them rigorously in a mathematical framework and cast them into efficient models and algorithms that can be solved on desktop computers.

We aim at avoiding unknown phenomenological coefficients and try to substitute them by (parameter-free) physical models wherever possible. If no appropriate models are at hand, we try to develop them in our team.


Our aim is to develop sound theoretical concepts and transparent, efficient and enjoyable scientific software for application in Computational Microstructure Evolution.


The latest release of the software is always available in the download section of this web site. For pre-release version, see the  developer zone

MatCalc can be used in a stand-alone GUI or command-line version. It is also available in the form of libraries that can be linked to general-purpose software, such as MatLAB, or your own code. MatCalc is available on the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Licensing and support

The MatCalc 6 software can be freely downloaded from the MatCalc web site and used in its almost full functionality with a limitation to three components.

The full version with unlimited number of components and extended thermodynamic and diffusion databases can be purchased from  MatCalc Engineering GmbH.

For purchase inquiry, inquiry for temporary licenses for education and training purpose, or any other issues related to license for MatCalc software, please consult Licensing.

For technical questions of any kind related to MatCalc software, please consult Support.

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