MatCalc 6.03

Below are details describing the various changes and new features of the MatCalc versions 6.03.xxxx. Version 6.03 is mostly a bugfix release with only a few new features. We have tried to make MatCalc more stable and easier to work with …

version 6.03.1000: online 2019-??-??

New features
  • All new variables window. Improved variable value update and completely new filter box. Much faster and more flexible. You will like it … The new window will also update the list view items after a change of phases, precipitation domains etc. No need to manually collapse and expand branches to update items.
  • New options window with more consistent layout. Allows in-place editing of items and uses check boxes for yes/no selections.
  • Added icon in tool bar to create x-y plot with a click.
  • All new handling of tm treatments: Every calculation node can now have its own tm treatment. The global tmt can be accessed with ::tmt_name, while the local node-related tmt is accessed without :: using only tmt_name.
  • Several changes in the API-functions for thermo-mechanical treatments (tmt). Made it more clear as to which tmt is accessed: local or global.
  • Improved license manager. Fixed several issues with the last version and various computers.
  • Treatment of grace logins due to interrupted internet connection has been improved to be more user-friendly.
  • Reworked treatment of user-defined functions and its link to calculation nodes: Now, each variable inherits knowledge of its origin where it has been defined and it is evaluated now in the correct node context.
  • Made two new switches that allow the user to enable/disable automatic merging and splitting of precipitate size classes. This facilitates more basic studies and understanding of the behavior of size distributions during calculation.
  • Renamed a few variable notations in the command line tool. Removed inconsistencies from older versions.
  • Worked on treatment of strain rate and temperature dependent yield stress calculation. The global-deformation-rate is now overwriting the settings in the thermo-mechanical treatment (tmt) for evaluation of the dynamic yield stress.
  • Improved handling of plot series in plots.
  • Removed menu item “view → create user defined window”.
  • Improved user interaction: If equilibrium calculation fails, as well as some other tasks, the screen will blink and shake to notify user of some potential problem.
  • Added initialize-microstructure-data in tm treatment segments to initialize grain sizes and subgrain sizes as well as recrystallized fraction when starting kinetic simulations.
  • Added high and low-temperature variables for sigma_sat and theta_0.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed some issues with multi-class size distributions and recrystallization. Works better now under complex conditions. Also, changed some weights for classification of recrystallized and deformed grains in multi-class grain evolution.
  • Fixed problem with convergence in Scheil-Gulliver simulation.
  • Removed 2nd axes features from plot menu because this has never been implemented in the code.
  • Worked on import-grain-distribution and export-grain-distribution.
  • Changed commands ending with ”-arrays” to ”-array”. Consistency established.
  • Changed evaluation of dislocation jog density for FSAK excess vacancy evolution: Density is now calculated from total dislocation density, not from equilibrium.
  • Fixed some issues with beta-function and dislocation density evaluation.
  • Fixed problem with cross-core diffusion at low temperatures.
  • Fixed issue with subgrain diameter evolution in single class rexx model: Read-Shockley density is now calculated from quantities of the deformed grains only. Otherwise, while X_rx == 1, these quantities would become undefined.
  • Added variable for mean dislocation density in single-class model. Clarified meaning of some variable descriptions for dislocation density in single-class model.
  • Fixed some problems with array plots.
  • Fixed bug with initialization of microstructure parameters in tm segments.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of stress derivative in high-temperature region of dynamic yield stress.
  • Fixed wrong treatment of thermal activation for cross core diffusion.
  • Several small bug fixes.
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