MatCalc 5.62

Below are details describing the various changes and new features of the MatCalc versions 5.62.xxxx.

version 5.62.1006: released 2016-03-11

  • Fixed a bug concerning licenses in the Linux version
  • Fixed possible crash, when using EXIT command in scripts
  • Fixed a problem concerning heat treatment end time

version 5.62.1004: released 2015-09-03

  • Equilibrium calculations for couples&pairs implemented
  • Clemm-Fisher treatment of interfacial energy for grain boundary precipitates modified
  • New convergence control parameters for precipitation kinetics simulation implemented
  • “prec. domain: ms evolution”-category introduced in “variables”-window
  • In heat-treatment segments, an option to reset trap partitioning ratio was introduced
  • More precision for table values (16 decimal places)
  • Changed display format in tables/array
  • Fixed initialization problem of the precipitate distributions created after Scheil-Gulliver calculation
  • Fixed issues in diffusion module
  • Fixed rounding error related to heat treatment segments in Linux versions
  • Fixed crashes and memory leaks
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