MatCalc 5.52

The following new features will appear in MatCalc versions 5.52.nnnn:

  • Changed file format: Workspaces and binaries are now saved in compressed form. Saves 80-95% of disc space.
  • Implemented diffuse interface energy correction. The treatment requires knowledge of the critical temperature, which can in several cases be estimated from the thermodynamic data.
  • Significant improvements in the handling of plots: Context-sensitive options window helps facilitate settings.
  • Kinetic simulations can now also be run with control of chemical composition.
  • Added new plot type (contour plot) for display of 2-dimensional arrays.
  • Several changes in dialogs.

Below are details describing the various changes and new features of the MatCalc versions 5.52.xxxx.

version 5.52.1005: released 2013-08-23 (Windows)

  • New plot-options for TTP-plots: relative f_end and relative max_f_end. These are similar to the options relative and relative max_f with the difference, that the last values of the buffer lines will be taken instead of the maximum.
  • New variable last_calc_result. This is particularly useful for scripts.
  • Drag & Drop support for files into MatCalc (script files, text files, workspaces). Script files will be run with usual Drag & Drop. Holding the shift key during drop will open the script instead.
  • Simulation module: a new variable for limiting the minimum concentration at interfaces is introduced. It can be set for each element in the ©onvergence control in SET_SIMULATION_PARAMETER. If the concentration at the interface goes below this value, the time step control will be ignored for the cell. Instead a fixed concentration jump of 50% is performed. This can reduce real calculation time significantly.
  • Updated header for heat treatment exports.
  • Several memory leak fixes.
  • Fixed typos.

version 5.52.0031: released 2013-05-24 (Windows)

  • Changes of several variable names containing VA to SV. In some cases VA was the placeholder for substitutional vacancies. These are now distinguished from the interstitial vacancies VA and called structural vacancies SV.
  • Fixed a problem with kinetic alias names (if they are identical to the regular phase name).
  • New command SET_LICENSE_FILEPATH. This is useful if the license file is not in the same directory as the application.
  • Fixed problem with diffusion data and composition sets of ordered phases.
  • Made table interpolation possible with up and down ordering of x-values.
  • Removed “calculated” dislocation density value (obsolete).
  • Fixed a bug in equilibrium calculation with compositional constraints.
  • Added functionality for multiple phases in ttp plot curves when using scripts.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of minimum G* nucleus composition.
  • Fixed a problem where diffusion terms in ordered phases were read twice.
  • Default database is now opened per default in database dialog.
  • New command SET_PRECIPITATION_DOMAIN to manually define the currently active precipitation domain.
  • Added functionality for nucleus composition: constrained.
  • Fixed a bug related to automatic attachment of precipitates when not using heat treatments.
  • Fixed critical crash on Asian computers caused by special characters.
  • Fix crash on selecting new plot created via “New Plot” context menu item in empty plot area.
  • Implemented font changes for plots in options listbox.
  • Fixed several typos.

version 5.52.0008: released 2013-03-26 (Windows)

  • Fixed a bug in the treatment of nucleation sites for subgrain boundary corners and edges.
  • Fixed a problem in dislocation density evolution model from version 5.51.1011.
  • MatCalc workspace and binary files are now saved in compressed form.
  • Added variables for recrystallized fraction and dislocation density in deformed and recrystallized grains.
  • Added functionality to define active precipitation domains. This is necessary to describe multi cell diffusion simulations with precipitation kinetics in each cell for more than one precipitation domain.
  • Change treatment of nucleation sites for on-particle nucleation. Criterion now compares interface areas of new and parent precipitates.
  • Removed functionality for attaching/detaching precipitates to precipitation domains(obsolete).
  • Fixed a problem with automatic kinetic alias names in plots.
  • Kinetic alias name can now also be used as phase name (denoting phase name in variables).
  • Fixed a problem with grain boundary precipitates, where precipitates continued to grow even if the driving force was negative.
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