MatCalc 5.42

See the changes which happened with version 5.42 below

version 5.42.1016: snapshot 2011-02-04 (Windows)

  • Added functionality to copy and export plots and entire frames to SVG format. Graphs can now be saved in .svg files and opened and edited in programs such as CorelDraw (commercial) or Inkscape (open source, all platforms). This is extremely convenient when trying to create professionally-looking diagrams.
  • Use CTRL+'<' and '>' to navigate through the windows of your workspace.
  • The script editor now supports indentation when programming loops and for-if conditions.
  • Fixed bug, where post-segment script is ignored in last heat treatment segment.
  • In TTP plots, it is possible now, to merge several phases into one ttp-line. Simply set 'use_x_data_string' as a phase name and place a string of phases separated by '+' into x_data_desc, e.g., 'aln_p0+aln_p1'.

version 5.42.1008: snapshot 2011-01-17 (Windows)

  • Fixed a bug in the equilibrium module causing numerical problems when searching and tracing phase boundaries.

version 5.42.1006: online 2011-01-17

  • Improved treatment of shape factors in precipitation. The parameters have been modified such that selection of no shape factor brings identical results now with selection of use shape factor and sf=1.0.
  • Added several template scripts.
  • Fixed a bug where some variables did not display correctly after saving and loading.

version 5.42.1005: online 2011-01-10 (Windows)

  • Fixed a bug in treatment of precipitation strengthening. This was unfortunately introduced in version 5.42.0005.
  • Implemented logical AND ('&') and OR ('|') operators in symbolic calculation.
  • It is possible now to create new phases and set phase amount in multiple selection in the phase status dialog.

version 5.42.1001: online 2011-01-10 (for MacOS+Windows)

  • Fixed a problem with libraries for the MacOS installer.
  • Fixed error in template scripts, where an incorrect pipe diffusion formula was entered!
  • Made 'matcalc_version' a global variable to be able to access it from mcc.
  • Fixed problem in numerical treatment of grain boundary precipitates. Improved numerical stability.

version 5.42.1000: online 2010-12-30

  • Several new template scripts have been added to the script menu, which are perfect for creating your own scripts on this basis. I particularly recommend looking at the script templates/precipitation/low_alloy_steel/multi_stage_treatment_of_low_alloy_steel_martensite.mcs, which contains some nice programming with conditions and user interaction.
  • The command STOP_RUN_SCRIPT has been implemented. It will interrupt and stop scripts.
  • You can now show and hide the console window with the MOVE_GUI_WINDOW command.

version 5.42.0005: beta version (Windows) 2010-12-21

  • Added a variable for the matrix diffusion enhancement factor in precipitation domains. This feature facilitates the implementation of effects such as deformation induced excess vacancies. The enhancement factor can be defined in the precipitation domain now, instead of defining it for each precipitate separately.
  • The script menu has been entirely renewed and it contains now a selection of template scripts, that can be either run directly from the scripts menu, or opened as a template for your own easy adaptation of existing template scripts.
  • Implemented a feature that restricts nucleation of precipitates to a selected precipitation domain. This is a useful feature in complex multi-precipitation domain calculations.
  • The export function for plots in pdf format has been improved, such that lines are displayed thick enough for print reproduction.
  • Added internal MatCalc version variable 'matcalc_version'.
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