MatCalc 5.40

See the changes which happened with version 5.40 below

version 5.40.1006: snapshot 2010-08-09

  • It is possible now to assign alias names to kinetic phases. This feature is particularly convenient in complex precipitation kinetics simulations, where multiple phases and populations occur simultaneously and it becomes difficult to distinguish between them. Now you can assign depictive alias names that are displayed in the output windows and in plot legends.

version 5.40.1000: online 2010-06-17

  • This version has significant improvements in calculation speed for precipitation kinetics. Also, several improvements in stability.
  • Implemented a phenomenological model for treatment of precipitate coagulation (coalescence). This is treated simultaneously with LSW coarsening and can be controlled via a coalescence factor located in the phase status → special dialog. A value of 1.0 (as by default) already shows pronounced coalescence. Try it out …
  • Rearranged output in kinetic simulations. More structured output with assorted precipitates according to phase fraction and nucleation driving force.
  • Implemented the possibility of automatically saving binary files during calculations (command: SET_AUTOSAVE_FILENAME).
  • Show variables now also uses scientific format in output.
  • Instable_growth_warning implemented.
  • Improved sorting of phases in phase summary.
  • Fixed wrong formula in calculation of mean vacancy diffusion distance.
  • Fixed bug in calculation of annihilated vacancies caused by precipitate growth.
  • Fixed bug in duplicate and lock all series with regard to derivatives.
  • Fixed a bug in kinetic module causing problems with mass balance.
  • Fixed bug in treatment of post-segment scripts.
  • Added support of non-Ascii folder names (e.g. Korean style folder names).
  • Added a few variables helpful when tracing dislocation density, grain size and subgrain size during complex heat treatments (DDTC$domain, GDC$domain, SGDC$domain)).
  • Modified keyboard shortcuts for function/variables dialog access, as well as options and variables window.
  • Fixed bug in treatment of para-equilibrium particle dissolution.
  • Fixed a bug in the treatment of mechanical stresses in the nucleation driving force: The original calculations of Rene (which are the calibrations done on the many experimental data, see R. Radis and E. Kozeschnik, 'Kinetics of AlN precipitation in microalloyed steel',MSMSE 18 (2000) 055003, 16pp) have been proposing a volumetric misfit value of 0.19, which was, however, based on a code that was erroneously using twice the value of the misfit in the calculations. Sorry for this. The calculations shown in this paper can be reproduced with a 'correct' misfit value of 0.27 (0.19^2 / 0.27^2 is approx. 0.5).
  • and many more …
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