MatCalc 5.30

See the changes which happened with version 5.30 below

version 5.30.1090: online 2009-08-04

  • This version contains bug fixes for version 5.30.1086.

version 5.30.1086: snapshot for windows 2009-06-26

  • This version contains bug fixes for version 5.30.1076.

version 5.30.1076: online 2009-05-11

  • This version contains several bug fixes for previous snapshots, particularly 5.30.1061 !!!.
  • The incubation time models other than 'interface control' have been omitted. Have caused some trouble. 'interface control' is the classical one.
  • I have fixed the bug in the display of size distributions again. Programmer's chaos :-)
  • Precipitation simulations now also possible with order/disorder phases. No more crashes on loading diffusion data.
  • A treatment of excess structural vacancies is now implemented to account for phenomena such as quenched-in vacancies. These can be taken into account in calculation of diffusion coefficients in the matrix phase.
  • The thermodynamic database has been extended to incoporate the enthalpy of vacancy formation. From this quantity, the temperature and composition dependent equilibrium vacancy concentration is calculated. This quantity is used in the excess structural vacancy treatment of diffusion in the precipitation kinetics module.
  • The databases mc_sample_fe and mc_steel.tdb now contain some data for enthalpies of vacancy formation.

version 5.30.1053: online 2009-02-13

  • This is a bug fix release for 5.30.1018 and 5.30.1041 and also 5.30.1050/1051!!! (Last one had problems with loading old files. If you have versions 1050/1051, immediately upgrade, otherwise could experience problems opening your files again). Lots of small improvements and lots of new features in the undocumented modules :-)
  • Edit table values: The dialog has not worked properly on Mac. Export and import as well as copy and paste with e.g. Excel should work now.
  • Important application of this feature is the input of pre-defined precipitate distributions. You can download a simple Excel file (MatCalcDistributions.xls) which helps you define Normal, Log-Normal and LSW distributions. Simply copy and paste radius and number density into MatCalc and enjoy …
  • I have found a bug in the display of size distributions. Fixed.
  • Copy data from precipitate distribution graphs works correctly now. Copies each bar value only once.
  • Added and modified some of the MatCalc internal variables. Added configurational entropy.
  • Fixed a bug in the calculation of interfacial energies.
  • Additional support for ordered phases. A new version of mc_steel is available, including S and a revision of the Al-Fe-Ni system. See database page for more info.

version 5.30.1018: online 2008-11-27

  • This is a bug fix release for 5.30.1004. Lots of small improvements and lots of new features in the undocumented modules :-)
  • Global chemical potentials for stoichiometric phases have been implemented for many phases not yet captured before. Full release will come later this year, probably with a further version change to 5.31. Let's see …

version 5.30.1004: (snapshot Windows) online 2008-10-24

  • Major reason is that a new model for calculation of interfacial energies has been implemented, which takes into account the curvature of the precipitate. This feature is particularly important in the nucleation stage. It is now possible to make precipitation kinetics simulations with all relevant input parameter being calculated from the thermodynamic and mobility databases. This feature replaces the changes announced in 5.23.1036.
  • It is also possible now to take into account correctly elastic stress contributions during the nucleation stage.
  • The local help files are synchronized with the latest version of the online help files. So you can access help without internet connection.
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