MatCalc 5.22

See the changes which happened with version 5.22 below

version 5.22.1018: snapshot for windows online 2008-04-03

  • MatCalc 5.22 has a slightly new outfit. The GUI has been renewed and additional functionality has been added.
  • The most important thing is that precipitation simulations are now controlled via heat treatments. A heat treatment editor is provided, where even complex simulations can easily be defined in terms of individual segments. In these segments, one can define the precipitation domain, can add individual scripts and enter all possible settings. Really a must for kinetic simulations.
  • The sample databases have been improved in some parts. For customers: An extended database for steels has been developed recently, which contains significantly improved data for many micro-alloying precipitates.
  • MatCalc is now also available in a pure command line oriented version without GUI. This is a nice tool if you want MatCalc to perform simulations in script mode and call it the software many times from external programs. You can also get libraries to use MatCalc from within your own code. A corresponding example can be found in the Online help - application section of this web site. If you need this feature, please contact Ernst.
  • Some useful export functions have been added: It is possible now to export plots in pdf format.
  • There is many more new stuff added, simply try it out and have fun.
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