MatCalc 5.14

See the changes which happened with version 5.14 below

version 5.14 beta 6: online 2007-03-30

  • The new diffusion field geometry model for grain boundary precipitates has been implemented. This new model is used if only 'grain boundary' is selected as nucleation sites for the precipitate. WARNING: the simulation results will differ compared to previous versions, if you use grain boundary precipitates. Note the strong dependence of the results from grain size. Whether or not MatCalc uses this new feature is indicated in the new text field in the nucleation tab of the phase status dialog.

 Diffusion geometry

Diffusion geometry of original treatment ↔ grain boundary precipitation geometry. Diffusion fields indicated by grey areas.

The theoretical background of the model is going to be published soon.

  • Some bugs have been fixed (and probably some more introduced :-) and performance has been improved.
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