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 //This tutorial was tested on\\ //This tutorial was tested on\\
-MatCalc version 6.01 rel 1.003\\+MatCalc version 6.03 rel 1.000\\
 license: free\\ license: free\\
 database: mc_fe.tdb// database: mc_fe.tdb//
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 ==== Complimentary files ==== ==== Complimentary files ====
-Click {{:tutorials:t10:script:t10_2013.mcs|here}} to view the script for this tutorial. +Click {{:tutorials:t10:script:t10_6021003.mcs|here}} to view the script for this tutorial. 
 Click {{:tutorials:t10:script:t0_exp_temperatures.xls|here for .xls}} or {{:tutorials:t10:script:t0_exp_temperatures.txt|here for .txt}} table, respectively. Click {{:tutorials:t10:script:t0_exp_temperatures.xls|here for .xls}} or {{:tutorials:t10:script:t0_exp_temperatures.txt|here for .txt}} table, respectively.
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