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 +===== T4: Graphical presentation and export of results (1) =====
 +This tutorial was tested on\\
 +MatCalc version 5.43 rel 1.013\\
 +license: free\\
 +database: mc_sample_fe.tdb\\
 +Click here to view the script for this tutorial\\
 +=== Contents ===
 +  * Creating a new graphical window
 +  * Introduction to the variables window
 +  * Modifying the appearance of a plot using 'options'
 +  * Zooming in and displaying x- and y-values
 +  * Exporting a plot as an image and as numerical data
 +**Before starting...**
 +Open the file saved from [[tutorials:T3 | Tutorial 3]] and select the buffer named **'T=400 to 1600°C'**.
 +==== 1. Plotting a graph ====
 +To plot numerical results, it is first necessary to create a graphical window. In the **'View'** menu, click on **'Create new window'** or click on {{:tutorials:t4:img:icon_create_new_window.png| MatCalc create new window}} icon.
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